Burn treatment, Training And Telemedicine Program

Empowering medical staffs globally to treat burn cases in their own community

The Burn Treatment, Training and Telemedicine Program (TTT) was developed in response to overwhelming requests for aid from burn victims and medical communities worldwide.
The TTT Program is designed to reduce the burn mortality rate in developing nations by training and empowering local medical staff to treat serious burn injuries. Program highlights include: 

  • Transportation for physicians from developing nations to the Grossman Burn Center headquarters in Los Angeles, CA for training and observation;

  • State of the art communications equipment for telemedicine consultations with doctors in the United States;

  • A network of skilled medical personnel to offer guidance on complicated cases.

  • Videos and computer software programs for continuing education.

Disabling burns are alarmingly common in developing nations. According to the World Health Organization, in developing nations more women die of complications from burn injuries than from HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined.

For the cost of transporting one patient to the United States for long-term medical treatment, the Grossman Burn Foundation can help facilitate the care of thousands of patients through this innovative program.