Grossman Burn Foundation In The Community

The Grossman Burn Foundation engages local communities through public education and burn prevention outreach. These programs focus on burn prevention awareness and related activities, and they seek to build partnerships with local agencies working in public safety, education, and healthcare sectors.

We believe in strength in numbers and through our “Don’t Get Burned” Campaign, we hope to partner with multiple corporations that provide products that can potentially inflict a burn injury by providing tools to educate the public and prevent burn injuries while limiting liabilities. Product packaging will feature QR Codes connecting individuals to our website.

The Grossman Burn Foundation’s patient support services and assistance programs provide a continuum of care and support for burn victims and their families while they are undergoing treatment at any of the Grossman Burn Centers in California, and Missouri.

Through these programs, patients who meet specific requirements, and who are in need of emergency and/or on-going assistance may receive a variety of support services, including:

  • Temporary housing
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Transportation
  • Counseling
  • Peer support
  • Other basic needs

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