Senior Burn Prevention & Safety Education

Senior citizens are at particularly high risk of scalds, burn injury and death from accidental fires. Changes in vision, comprehension and mobility that accompany aging, combined with medication side effects and attitudinal risks, put seniors at higher risk than younger adults of burns and scalds. The Grossman Burn Foundation and the Grossman Burn Center are jointly addressing this risk by offering a no-charge burn prevention presentation for seniors and those who work with the elderly. Burn Prevention for Seniors addresses burn injury and death statistics, risk factors, degrees of burn, common senior burns and their prevention and first aid. The program also covers first aid, fire safety, and emergency protocols. Available in Spanish or English, the program takes about 45 minutes… Participants receive reading material, burn prevention and safety tools for use in the home.

Burn Prevention for Seniors

For more information on scheduling a workshop or webinar, contact:

TEL:  (866) 411-4423


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The Senior Burn Prevention Education program is made possible through the support and generosity of Edison International.