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The Grossman Burn Foundation’s mission is to promote effective, sustainable partnership solutions for the comprehensive treatment, care, and support of burn survivors and their families in the United States and around the world.

GBF’s focus is on building in-country and local-level capacity through its global partnerships. Established in 2007, the GBF was created as the philanthropic arm of the Grossman Burn Centers, a pioneer in international burn treatment facilities. Founded by Dr. Peter H. Grossman (Director of the Grossman Burn Centers, Inc.), and his wife Rebecca Grossman, the GBF is headquartered in Los Angeles County and works to provide burn prevention education and self-sustainable burn treatment communities in the United States and around the world.

Bibi Aisha’s story.


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“More Than My Scars”

New Board Member

Shade Mokuolu

“I am excited to give back to the community that stood by me when my family was most vulnerable! It is an honor to server, and I am thrilled to help create a lasting impact for burn survivors across the globe.”

Kechi Okwuchi

Burn Survivor

Kechi Okwuchi’s New Book

Global Healthcare & Education Initiatives for Burn Injuries


.The Grossman Burn Foundation has transformed the lives of many severe burn injury victims.


Domestic violence nearly ended her life. Find out how you can help Martha on her road to recovery.


Read about the incredible transformation of 20-year old Ugandan Christine Nakato who survived a battery acid attack by her partner’s jealous ex-girlfriend.

Senior Burn Prevention Education

Senior citizens are at particularly high risk of scalds, burn injury and death from accidental fires.
Changes in vision, comprehension, and mobility that accompany aging, combined with
medication side effects and attitudinal risks, put seniors at higher risk than younger adults
of burns and scalds.


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So many of us at ABC News know about the work that the Grossman Burn Foundation has done, to provide so much care, new life, for women, children, people around the US and the world, in need of urgent medical care.

Diane Sawyer – ABC News Anchor


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