Tison is another wonderful young individual who came to us in 2013 through our program partners at International Friends of Compassion (IFOC).
Tison, who is from a remote Island in Indonesia, suffered horrific burns to his hands when he was only five years old.
He received some treatment but he was still left without good function or the ability to properly use his hands and fingers to grasp objects due to the buildup immense scar tissue and injury from the original burn.

The GBF was able to bring Tison to the United States and perform the necessary surgeries to give him back full function of his hands. Tison wants to help others in his native region by pursuing training in the field of medicine.
He is now a teenager living back in Indonesia and helps the team working at IFOC provide education, healthcare and care for orphaned children. We all fell in love with Tison, his wonderful sense of humor and big heart.