PROJECT FAITH – Patient Care 

Founded in 2007, Project Faith provides basic support services for wound and burn care including burn survivors and their families during treatment.

Through Project Faith, the Grossman Burn Foundation may provide to those who qualify:

​* Medical Treatment (surgery, steroid injections, medicine, etc.)
* Physical Therapy
* Psychotherapy
* Medical Tattooing
* Housing and Meals
* Transportation to medical appointments
* Network of volunteers to serve as as support system for the patient and his/her family
* Medical supplies such as compression garments and face masks

Project Faith takes its name from Faith Wanjugo, who was the first patient to receive assistance from the Grossman Burn Foundation. She was burned in her native Kenya when a stove exploded, causing her face, neck, arms and chest to catch fire. She received medical attention in a Kenyan clinic but was sent home due to her inability to pay her bills. Her wounds were extensive and she was treated like an outcast in her village due to her disfigurement, which caused her to slip into depression.

The Grossman Burn Foundation flew Faith to Los Angeles where, after eight major surgeries, scar treatments, medical tattooing and numerous therapies, Faith was transformed both physically and emotionally.

Since Faith’s treatment, the Grossman Burn Foundation has provided similar services to burn survivors in the United States as well as Philippines, Afghanistan, Ghana, Kenya, Indonesia and Nepal.